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The AirCurve is substantially thicker than the stock unit.

9" Light Grey Tint

I recently ordered a 9” windshield for my 2008 Ultra. I was hesitant about getting into a shorter than stock shield because, I tend to get caught out in the rain on occasion. Ok, all the time…. I choose the Freedom Shield 9” AirCurve, Light Grey Tint. The online ordering process was a snap, and immediate follow up from John at Freedom was received. Hands on communication….A novel concept these days. About 7 days later I received my AirCurve, nicely packed with protective film. Here’s a good one…DON’T TAKE THE FILM OFF, install it and take her for a ride! If you don’t like it, send it back, with the film still on. Come on, this aint the 60’s, I’m not used to this kind of support! Installation was a snap, and fitment was exact. The first thing you notice is the AirCurve is substantially thicker than the stock unit, and the edge is finely polished. Superb attention is given to this detail. The other item that caught my attention is the thickness and profile of the AirCurve forces the dash mounted bags away from the windshield. I don’t know if they planned it this way, but it TOTALLY eliminated that annoying rattle that is common with the Harley windshield mount bags at an idle. The bags stand off the windshield about ¼ inch, and that’s a beautiful thing. (By eliminating this noise, you can actually hear if a part falls off your Harley..LOL) ROAD TEST I had business in Navasota, TX about 40 miles from the casa, so I figured a good 80-100 mile road trip on a 100 degree day would be the acid test. Not a cloud in sight, I took off down HWY 105 west from Montgomery, TX, a 60-70 mph 2 lane. Buffeting was minimal at best, and comparable to the stock shield, but in a different way, can’t really explain, but it felt different. I pulled a Lucky Strike out of my vest and pushed in the lighter (The ol cigarette test I was thinking) and I figured it out. I was no longer getting the back draft! Reaching up I could begin to feel the slipstream about 6 inches over the top of the screen, perfect for a 6’ rider. Another thing I noticed was the “fairing sail” was really reduced. This is the movement you get out of the front end in dirty/turbulent air, like when you are behind a semi at speed. Trucks passing me head on at 70mph had dramatically less effect on stability. It’s like a whole different bike. Of course, on the way back, after not having rained for 60 days, the Rainman got dumped on coming home (Go figure…) As long as you stay at speeds over 30mph, the 9” AirCurve is equal or better than the taller stock screen. Below 30, you just plain get wet like any other windshield. In keeping with the Rainman’s requirements, the new AirCurve did not melt in the rain, and neither did the rest of the Harley. Get wet and ride it! In summary, if you’re looking for some new glass for the Harley, give John a shout at Freedom Shield. The pricing is a little higher than the mass produced brands, less than HD and half of the “space shields”. I’d bet no matter what your situation is, he’ll be able to fix you up and you can’t beat the service and the “online” handshake.
Review By: Todd – Montgomery, TX