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This shield is my new “long distance” shield…

Hi John! Well, I returned home and had a chance to try out my new Freedom Shield! First, let me compliment you on the great customer service. The shield arrived promptly, and it was packaged perfectly…well protected. My first impression before installing the shield was how optically clear the shield was, even at the edges. Nothing like distortion to distract a rider or obstruct visibility…but that won’t be an issue with this shield. The shield fit perfectly, although a bit thicker than the OEM shield. Riding impression: The shield performed as advertised! Buffeting was minimal, and I could see over the upper edge without trying to do my giraffe impression. This shield is my new “long distance” shield…I may have to order one an inch or two shorter for those around-town excursions. Thanks for making a wonderful product that performs as advertised! There is so much misinformation out there and product hyperbole that it’s refreshing to actually use a product that does exactly what it is supposed to do! Kudos to you and your company, including your personal interest in the customer. I wish you the greatest success, and I’ll tell everyone I know about your fantastic product! Until I order again… Best Regards, Brian
Review By: Brian – Tampa, FL