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The best upgrade to my bike yet!!!

The best upgrade to my bike yet!!! I recently read about Freedom Shields on a forum, and decided to give them a try.  Based on my height (5’11”), inseam (32”), and being comfortable with my stock shield height; John suggested I try a 9” shield on my 2018 Ultra Limited.  I ordered the touring width with a dark grey tint. When I first opened the box and saw how well this shield was built, I told my wife that I didn’t care if I had to look around the shield; I want this shield on my bike!  The thickness, the finished edges and the clarity were excellent! I decided to leave the protective coating on and go for a quick test ride.  I only drove to the end of my street (about ¼ mile) and I knew this was the shield for me!  I turned around at the stop sign and came home to remove the protective film.  The bike rides and handles great with this shield.  At high speeds on the interstate, it feels like the front of the bike is more planted.  Also, the stereo doesn’t have to be turned up because there isn’t as much wind noise.

Review By: Mike – Durham, NC