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The ride was outstanding.

This Freedom Shield is GREAT! I chose the 12 inch dark tint to match my Springfield Darkhorse. I tested it out yesterday on the way to work traveling 55-60 mph. Then I rode the I-10 on the way home traveling 75-80 and the ride was outstanding. I’ve been riding for over 20 years now and have gotten annoyed with wind noise over time. Not to mention the bugs at 75+ mph. So, I flip flop between half and full face. Anyway, there were 3 times I saw a bug catch the top flare of the windshield and just sailed over the top of my head. Because riders out there know that if you see something during that split second….it’s going to sting like bitch….haha. I told a friend of mine that rides a Chief Darkhorse to definitely check out the Freedom Shield!

Review By: Mike – Vail, AZ