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There are several ways this windshield was better…

Just tried out the new windshield. So I got it because of the wind with my wife being on the back seat. We put on the new one and got up to 60mph. Then put back on the old one and went about 5 miles again to see the difference. There are several ways this windshield was better: * She noticed the wind was less than the stock windshield. * We talk on Com units. I noticed there was no wind noise from her mic. With the stock there was constant wind noise. * The front end stays planted. The bike just stays straight. Not that it was an issue before. I just noticed the difference and I liked the way it changed up the handling. * And another noticeable difference was the sound. Wow. It holds in the music from the 4 speakers much better. Loved that part. * I tried other aftermarket windshields and found it distorted my view. This does not at all. 2017 FLHTKL. 

Review By: Eric – Graham, WA