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This shield works amazing.

I received the wind shield a few days ago.  I must say I was impressed with the quality of it right off the bat.  It felt thicker and much more rigid than the two Harley shields that I have.  It was also about an inch shorter than my larger shield but wider and curved differently.  As per the directions I installed it with the plastic wrapping still attached.  However, it took a few days before my wife, and I had the time to ride together and give it a test. After reading the reviews I ordered the 11″ shield because I am 5’7″ and my wife is about 5’6″.  I have a 2017 Road Glide, and everyone knows the small wind deflector it comes with looks nice but does not do a good job of blocking the wind or preventing the irritating wind buffeting.  Anyway, we took a ride last night and what a difference!  My wife did not experience the wind buffeting and the radio was clearly audible up over 85mph.  This shield works amazing.  We were both impressed and amazed at how well this shield performs.  I must also say that I was not only surprised at the difference it made, but after taking the plastic wrapping off, how great it looks on the bike.  You can clearly see the quality of it, its thickness, and its clarity.  I used to switch my shields from small summer deflector to the larger shield in the winter, but no more, this is staying on year-round. The shield sits exactly at my eye level, and it makes it easy for me to look over or look through.  Even with the recurve, I can see clearly right through it.  Personally, I could go an inch shorter, but because my wife likes it and isn’t complaining, I’m keeping it just the way it is! Kudos to you guys at Freedom Shields.  Great product.

Review By: Randy – Ronkonkoma, NY