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You definitely have made another HD rider very happy. 

Windshield has arrived, I got it out of customs finally and everything worked well. The quality is very good, it fits perfectly, the height is perfect (could probably even have gone an inch or two lower and it looks much better than the Harley Windshield…) I was at my Harley dealer today and they also agreed on the aforesaid….. Also, the wider touring option was the absolutely good decision…. When I have the sun in the back there is still some reflection from the chrome tank cover, but it is only in the lower half of the shield, so I can live with that, don’t wanna spent a couple of hundred bucks for a black cover…. Once again thanks for everything, you definitely have made another HD rider very happy. I also put on the side deflectors on the bottom today, as I realized the wind was no longer coming from the top it came from the bottom….. And now even at 80 miles an hour super👍👍👍 Spring is here now so the timing was also perfect.

Review By: Harry – Germany