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I absolutely love my windshield!!

I absolutely love my windshield!! I’m 6’3” and ride 2016 Ultra Limited, stock seat. I first ordered the 13 inch, Dark Tint, touring windshield and test rode and it was just too tall for me. After speaking with John and Lisa, we decided that the 11” inch would be better for me. I was able to swap out for new windshield and it is perfect! Wind goes over my helmet, my glasses don’t bounce on my face at higher speeds (I went over 90 MPH) and much quieter to hear stereo! The craftsmanship of this windshield is the best! Love that it is thicker than the HD windshield. I have the HD windshield bags on as well and didn’t have to change the three windshield bolts. A friend had recommended Freedom Shields to me and as everyone knows, you have a ton of windshields to choose from on the market. I did a ton of research for myself. I read a lot of reviews and watched as many videos. You will not regret choosing Freedom Shields! This windshield performs as advertised and you cannot beat the quality and customer service! Thank you very much for the best windshield! 100 percent satisfied customer!

Review By: Mike – Fayetteville, NC