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Wow! I am impressed.

I mounted the windshield the same day and even in the plastic, it looked good on the bike. I took it for the test ride and the size works well for me, but today I finally had time to unwrap it and take it out on the road. My wife and I set out on our Harley Ultra Classic Limited on a nice loop that takes us along the ocean on the Pacific Coast Highway, through the mountains on a smoothly curving canyon road and then onto Highway 101 back home. Wow! I am impressed. We have headsets so we were talking about the differences along the way. Within the first couple of miles, we noticed the lack of wind noise and head buffering. Smooth and quiet! Music to my ears, literally. My playlist was clearly audible at a lower volume. There are a lot of higher speed (50-55 mph) sweeping curves along the way and I couldn’t believe how much better the bike handled. The bike had a better feel on the open highway as well. It felt more solid and more connected to the road. I can’t wait for our road trip next week along the California coast. Pros: quality product fit and finish, decreased head buffeting, quieter rider experience, better bike handling. Cons: I should have purchased this much sooner.

Review By: Robert – Camarillo, CA