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This company rocks! You will be impressed.

Ok, I’m not one to write a lot of reviews….I feel compelled to at this point. I read each review about the Freedom Shield and decided to try one for myself. I went from the stock Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic 10“ to an 8” Freedom Shield “clear” after reading the reviews, and after hearing that it sends the air 2”-3” higher.  In theory I was keeping everything somewhat status quo. I didn’t mind the stock setup. I was skeptical….. I also was skeptical about being able to hear the music better.  Really?  Come on? I must say without a doubt that these things are true.  Even the music seemed to have more fidelity. Wow!  Totally impressed. The thickness is quite substantial. Great product!  I will probably get another dark one for the style points alone. Just do it!  Quit reading. This company rocks! You will be impressed. 

Review By: Jeremey – Plymouth, IN