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You want the best? Go with this group of individuals, you are not going to be disappointed.

I rarely do product reviews but these folks at Freedom Shields have a next level type of service that needs to be acknowledged. First: Made in the USA 👍 Second: production quality is excellent, fit and finish are perfect the and the details reflect a top shelf QA process. Third: the protective layer of plastic actually peels right off and leaves a clear clean shield! Usually, these things become more difficult to remove than money from my wallet, not in this case, obviously they properly store and maintain their raw stock, which is rare these days, good job guys. Fourth: The unit is rock solid, these are not flimsy cheap plastic, the additional thickness and correct mounting points allow this thing to slide right into position, tighten up, and not vibrate at all, no movement at any speed, the tint is perfect, and the clarity is stellar. Down the road performance is exactly as stated, wind deflection on the 5” is like having an 8” without the obstruction factor and it blends right into the lines of the faring, this thing looks great!  Fifth: Customer Service. Ordering on the site is a breeze, choices are clearly defined and represented, click, click, done. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed sometimes so there was some confusion, strictly on my part about shipping lead time, one email to Cory, which was answered immediately, and boom, dude had the thing expedited, no excuses, just service. These guys made a customer for life with that effort, and I really can’t thank them enough. In short, Freedom Shields….you want the best? Go with this group of individuals, you are not going to be disappointed. 

Review By: Aaron – Las Vegas, NV