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I would highly recommend these shields.

I just purchased my first Harley this year, a 2014 Street Glide Special that still had the stock blade windscreen on it, as I like to ride with a Half Helmet and a pair of Sun Glasses I knew I needed more wind protection. My first purchase was an 8” Klock Werks Windscreen, am improvement but I was disappointed with the head buffeting at 65+ miles per hour, in my opinion the way the sides are cut funnels the wind right at your head at speed. A friend of mine had put an 8” Freedom Shield on his 2018 Street Glide and was very happy with it and me being shorter than him I thought I may be able to get away with the 7” so I ordered one. When it came, I mounted her up and took it for a test drive and it was apparent that I did indeed need the 8”, so I called up John at Freedom and he got my 8” coming and arranged for the return of the 7”. I have now put a few hundred miles on my bike with the new shield and am very pleased with the protection, even at 75 mph on the freeway it has great protection and it is very easy to see through if needed unlike the Klock Werks that was distorted. I would highly recommend these shields, great quality and Customer Service that you just don’t find anymore! Thanks John.

Review By: Jack – Yakima, WA