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I was immediately grinning from ear to ear as the riding experience was 1000% better.

I recently purchased my dream bike, a 2019 CVO Road Glide. Being a pretty tall guy at almost 6’3”, I knew I would need to upgrade the windshield to get the kind of wind protection I was accustomed to on my old bike. I was sent home from the dealer with a stock Harley windshield, and I was shocked at how little wind protection it provided.  I had a 2000-mile break-in trip coming up down in the US and REALLY needed to find a solution quick.  It doesn’t matter how nice a bike looks or how ‘premium’ it is, if you are getting wind burn on the freeway the riding experience is miserable. There began a relentless sequence of testing every Harley and Klockwerks windshield option made for my bike, and nothing came close to acceptable.  Getting desperate, I then began an exhaustive internet search looking at National Cycle, Kuryakyn, Memphis Shades, Long Ride Shields etc but knew I was on to something when I came across the Freedom Shields website.  I phoned them the next morning and explained my situation to John who made the whole process easy while helping to solve my time crunch by offering to ship the new 17” light grey tint touring windshield to the hotel we were staying at on our first night in the US. (Shipping across the border into Canada would have delayed the arrival of the windshield past my trip departure date) The windshield was waiting for me at the hotel as promised and was packed with extreme care to protect it during transit.  I tested the windshield the next morning with the protective film still in place and I was immediately grinning from ear to ear as the riding experience was 1000% better and I knew I would get to enjoy this trip.  That said, I felt that the windshield was just a ‘touch’ too high and so after the trip was over, I purchased the 16” version, quickly confirmed it was the perfect fit and shipped the original back with the protective film intact.   Freedom Shields promptly refunded me for the original and I gotta say, John’s customer service throughout the entire process was amazing.  I was also really impressed that when I completely removed the protective film and installed the new windshield, it looked beautiful too.  I can’t remember the last time I wrote a review for anything but given what Freedom Shields has done to transform my riding experience on the Road Glide, it was an absolute pleasure to take the time to do this. 

Review By: Martin – Ontario, Canada