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Turning my Street Glide into a sweet ride

After purchasing a Street Glide, it only took a few miles to realize that I could not live with the stock windshield and that it needed to be replaced with something taller.   At the Harley dealer, I tried the 10” light smoke Wind Splitter demo shield. It did a good job with air deflection.  But even though I was looking over the windshield, my peripheral vision was seeing a lot of distortion, especially with the highway lines.  It was a deal breaker for me. After doing much research and reading windshield recommendations on several forums, I ordered the light gray 8” recurve Freedom Shield.  In just a few days the windshield arrived.  I was immediately impressed with its quality and installation was simple.  It didn’t take long to realize this was a keeper.  The design of the windshield sends the air over my head, eliminating the head buffeting that I had experienced with the stock shield.  And unlike the Wind Splitter, this windshield has virtually no distortion.  To control the air coming up from around the tank, I installed a set of HD fork-mount wind deflectors.  Installing the Freedom Shield and the wind deflectors has turned my Street Glide into a sweet ride.  I highly recommend Freedom Shields.

Review By: Danny – Shelby, NC