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The Highest Quality Recurve Windshields
Handcrafted Excellence  –  Made in the USA

ROAD GLIDE® Windshield 2015-present Features

Freedom AirCurve design – our recurve drives the airflow 2″-3″ higher than a standard windshield
• Cleaner air flow – less wind noise & turbulence for the rider and passenger
• Helps to stabilize the bike at higher speeds
• Allows you to use a shorter windshield for a better view over the top without sacrificing comfort or use the same size or taller windshield for added comfort.
• 30% thicker than the stock windshield and other windshields for more stability and added strength
• Crystal clear optical clarity – No distortion !
• High Gloss, hand polished edges
• All mounts are holes (no slots) for added strength and a cleaner look
• High quality painted Black mask at the base of the windshield
• Best quality, performance, optical clarity, fit and finish in the industry
• Note: The Harley Fairing Pouch will not fit with our shield

This windshield does NOT fit the 2023 CVO Road Glide® or 2024 Road Glide®

This windshield does fit the 2024 Road Glide® Limited

• The Touring style is wider on the upper corners of the windshield – it spreads the wind out to the sides the farthest for the quietest ride and gets the wind around the passenger the best also. *May not fit with taller aftermarket handlebars. Rule of Thumb: If your handlebars follow the angle of the forks, the touring style normally clears your handlebars.

• The Sport Touring style is cut in about 2″ on each side – it has a sportier look and also clears taller aftermarket handlebars better.  It is still wide enough to get the wind all the way around you, just not as far out to the sides as the touring style.

How to Measure the Windshield

9 sizes to choose from 10″ – 18″

The size is measured by laying a tape measure on the front center of the windshield from the base of the windshield to the top edge of the windshield.

We also have a picture below showing the vertical measurement from the top of the vent to the top of the windshield.

See “Choosing a Size” below to help with choosing the correct size windshield.


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• Premium high impact modified acrylic – 5 Year Warranty, the longest warranty in the industry
• Very durable – The same material is used around hockey rinks, sky lights, optical lenses, etc.
• D.O.T. Approved – Exceeds industry and D.O.T. standards
• UV protection – windshield will not discolor or haze from the sun or weather
• Rain-X safe

Choosing a Size

Looking Over the Windshield

The ideal height is where the top edge of the windshield is level with the tip of your nose. This gives you about 2” to see over the top of the windshield when you are looking straight ahead. With this height, the wind will clear the top of your head for a comfortable and quiet ride. The taller you go the better it feels, especially for the passenger, as long as the top edge doesn’t creep up into your line of sight.

Looking Through the Windshield

The ideal height is where the top edge of the windshield is about 2″ above your line of sight.  This gives the most comfort and protection for both the rider and the passenger, but when it rains and the windshield gets wet and dirty it gets harder to see through the windshield.

Measuring Tips

–  If you have a tall windshield on your bike, you can place a piece of Blue Painters Masking Tape on your windshield with the top edge of the tape at different heights and take a short ride to get settled into your normal riding position.

–  If you have a short windshield on your bike, you can tape different size pieces of cardboard on your windshield with Blue Painters Masking Tape and take a slow ride to get settled into your normal riding position.

Test Ride our Windshield

Your windshield will come with a protective plastic film applied to both sides of the windshield. Make sure to leave the plastic on the windshield, mount the windshield and take a short test ride, as long as you have good visibility.

If you are not completely satisfied with the height or performance of the windshield, you may return the windshield for a different size or for full credit (less any shipping charges) as long as the windshield is like new and the protective plastic film has not been removed.

Take your time . . . make sure it is right.  No worries if you order in the winter months and it takes until Spring to try it out.

Video Reviews

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11″ Medium Grey Sport Touring 

12″ Dark Grey Sport Touring

13″ Dark Grey Touring with Engraving

13″ Dark Grey Sport Touring with Engraving

14″ Dark Grey Touring 

Rider Reviews

The Freedom Shield had brought a new love to riding my Road Glide

I’ve been able to put about 1K miles on the bike since installing the shield. Nothing short of amazing!  The product lives up to the level of service you guys provide. The height and tint level recommended by John are perfect.  Aside from the obvious of blocking wind which it does perfectly, I was able to get the full experience while riding through a storm, I had benefits I didn’t even imagine in the way of the rain protection and even being able to hear my factory speakers at high speeds. I like to ride with my visor 1 click open to allow for a nice airflow but still provide sun and wind protection. With my old shield, I could get to about 40 mph and the wind would slam it shut, with Freedom shield I hit 100+ have my visor slightly open and get a gentle airflow. The shield gives a new feel to the bike, driving the front wheel down at higher speeds, I can feel it with the increased handling, making the bike feel more solid. Here is my favorite part. I rode to Vegas during a freak desert storm. I was amazed at the protection the shield offered, creating a dry bubble around me. My torso, arms and helmet face stayed dry through the storm while my lower pant legs were soaked, proving the full effectiveness of the shield.  The Freedom Shield had brought a new love to riding my Road Glide and made me even enjoy my Simpson helmet again, where I was so frustrated with the wind noise, I was going to replace it. I saved money by not having to replace the helmet or my speakers.  Without a doubt, the Freedom Shield has been the best money I’ve spent on my bike. Your high level of service coupled with a superior quality product is nothing less than exceptional. 

Review By: Edward – Victorville, CA (15″ Medium Grey Sport Touring Style)

A true work of art

Per instructions, I test rode with protective film intact, and found it to be very good indeed, so removed from bike and removed the film, then installed on bike and treated with BugSlide and polished.  This windshield is a very fine piece; a true work of art and am very pleased with fitment. Today, I rode for about 2.5 hours through winding highway, and some city and residential areas, and am absolutely stoked and impressed with my new windshield experience; the size is perfect, the buffeting/turbulence that was present before with the 8.5 Memphis shades is gone, including around lower faring! This addition to my 2020 Road Glide compliments the bike and the riding experience at a high level!

Review By: Andy – British Columbia, Canada

This wind screen is hands down the most amazing screen I have ever owned!

Oh my gosh, this wind screen is hands down the most amazing screen I have ever owned!  The 17″ sport clear is perfect.  I am 5’6″ and I sit entirely behind the screen, it is crystal clear!  Zero distortion. No vibration on the screen at all.  Threw down 150 miles with it today and it is never leaving my bike.  My husband also LOVES his smoke tinted 15″!  His words: “if I had to pick between giving up this wind screen or chocolate cake, I am giving up chocolate cake.  Here is a pic from my Sena helmet cam, gives a different perspective than most of the reviews.  It is crystal clear.

Review By: Jennifer – Lees Summit, MO

Been running it all over and it is PERFECT

Received my windshield. Was so confident that I would love it that I went ahead and took the laminate off and installed. Been running it all over and it is PERFECT. Freedom Shields made it easy with the measurement tips. I took the measurements using the windshield I had (and loved) and looked at the Freedom Shields measurements. Found one that was close and just a tad taller. So, I ended up with the 12″ Touring (clear) on my 2016 FLTRU.  I can easily see over it.  (I am 5’8″ with an Ultimate Seat.) The windshield is styled better, fits the curve on the front perfectly!!, and is solid.  Love the clear especially when cresting a hill. Neither myself nor my passenger experience any buffeting. Please tell your crew thanks for doing such great work as Freedom Shields is delivering a quality product made in the US. It DOES make a difference.

Review By: Shawn – Charlotte, NC

It’s clearly superior craftsmanship

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve had a chance to put some miles on my shield and I LOVE IT. It’s clearly superior craftsmanship and your customer service was every bit as amazing as the reputation that preceded it. Heading to Sturgis this morning and looking forward to getting there without my neck screaming from all the wind buffeting I used to get with my stock shield. Thanks again!!

Review By: Kristin – Ossian, IA

This is definitely a (tall) passenger friendly windshield!

I ordered the 18″ with the hope it would be tall enough to make the ride experience more enjoyable for my wife as the passenger and you did it! I wanted to get some good rides in with it before getting back to you and the delay with replacing the darn speaker pods (2 of the 4 windshield mounting bolts were cross threaded and couldn’t get them out) made it take a bit longer.  The stock and follow on klockwerks windshields gave her nothing but a face full of wind & buffeting. As she is also 6′ tall, I thought it might be impossible to find a windshield tall enough to improve the ride for her. At your recommendation I went with the 18″ Touring and in a light grey tint as I would be looking through it. I was surprised at the quality and durability taking it out of the box, this is a windshield! It was a little interesting to look through the shield vs over it at first, but it works great for me, and the tint is perfect. There is minimal to zero distortion while looking through it which I am very thankful for. As I ride year-round in TN, I am finally looking forward to wintertime riding with the difference this shield makes. After replacing those speaker pods, I took my wife out & about on the backroads up to 60 mph and she loved it! She said it was the most pleasant ride she has had and really appreciates it. We went out and got a highway ride in shortly after and still at those speeds your shield made all the difference! This is definitely a (tall) passenger friendly windshield! Thank you so much and so glad I chose Freedom Shields. I still want to order a shorter shield just for me when I get the chance in the future.  Bike: 2017 Harley Road Glide Ultra

Review By: Dan – Clarksville, TN

No bobble head

Holy Cow!!!! Got the shield yesterday late and rushed to put it on and do my trial ride. It took about 40 seconds to find out that in fact your shields do what you say they will, 30 minutes later I was re-installing after pulling shipping plastic. This morning on the way to work it was pure pleasure riding down I-45 at bobble head, not near as much noise so I am back in my ½ helmet instead of full with a visor. Very glad we opted for 16” instead of 15” as I still look over top by a couple inches.. can’t wait to see what it does in the rain. You were spot on  the light grey, makes the bike look great.

Review By: Stan – Willis, TX

Very impressed with quality

Couldn’t be happier with this shield Me: 5″10″, 32″ inseam. Bike: 2020 HD Road Glide Limited, stock seat. Shield: 16″ Touring, Light Grey Tint. I originally ordered a 17″ but found it was just a tad too tall. Returned for a 16″ with no problems at all. Great customer service. Very easy to install. Very impressed with quality – thicker than any other shield I have seen and much more optically clear, even in the curved areas. The wind passes cleanly over my helmet with no buffeting and much quieter. Don’t know what else to say except you owe it to yourself to get one.

Review By: Dave – Boise, ID

The difference in quality from my old shield is not even comparable

Received the 16” windshield for my 2016 Road Glide today and installed as suggested, with the protective coating intact. Height is spot on, and the shield sits right where I wanted it to. Took a short ride and the wind is about 2.5 inches above my head (guesstimate as I was just sticking my hand up there) and I’m only getting a slight turbulence on the top of my head and it’s coming in from the sides. Got back home and pulled the protective layer and reinstalled and the shield is beautiful, with fantastic clarity. Took it for another short ride and can say that the difference in quality from my old shield is not even comparable, it’s true that you do get what you pay for sir! The part I wasn’t expecting was to see why the inside measurement is so important (from the dash to the tip of the shield). Compared to my old windshield, your product lays down more and extends more toward the rider and from the side it more closely follows the angle of the fairing. This makes it look 100% better to me, as it looks like it belongs on the bike instead of an afterthought by the engineers on the original design. Thanks for all your help in getting the measurements correct!

Review By: Michael – Palm Coast, FL

The freedom shield is far superior to any other shield I’ve ever used.

The freedom shield is far superior to any other shield I’ve ever used. High quality and craftsmanship and lack of distortion. No matter how I look, over or through it, it doesn’t distort my view. The lines of the shield really compliment my road glide special. I can hear my pack talk and radio over 40 mph where before I couldn’t hear anything but wind. Talking with John was a pleasure. He responded quickly to my phone calls and is very professional. I told John that I’m 6ft tall with 34″ inseam and what kind of bike I had (2017 Road Glide Special). He suggested the 13″ shield and it is perfect. I can see at least 2″ over the top and the wind just hits the top of my helmet, all wind buffeting gone. Arrived well packaged and I was amazed how thick and strong it was compared to the stock shield. I definitely would recommend the freedom shield not just for road gliders but to everyone. My first thoughts after installing the shield and going for a 200 mile ride was Holy Sh!! This thing is great. I Love it. Thank you John and company for making a superior shield.

Review By: Charles – Newport, AZ

The craftsmanship is impeccable, and it looks really nice on the bike

I received my 12” Dark Grey Sport Touring shield today for my 2019 CVO Road Glide and wasted no time installing that bad boy. I must say as all the other comments do, the craftsmanship is impeccable, and it looks really nice on the bike, this is definitely not a “cookie cutter” made shield.  I really like that the windshield is very solid and almost feels as if it’s an extension of the fairing. I am 5’9” with a 30” inseam and the 12” glass is perfect on this particular set up. I’m definitely promoting your product to anyone looking for a new windshield!  😉 Thanks again for a quality product.

Review By: Barry – Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have had a few Harleys and more than a few windshields, and none come close to the windshield purchased from Freedom

John, I can’t tell you how pleased I am with how things transpired. I am in the customer service business too, and pleasing customers is a talent and can be a chore, but you may be one of the best customer pleasers I have come across. From your personal phone calls to consult me on what I needed, to helping me complete the process with expedited shipping to Canada, all was over the top service. Tracy needs an honorable mention as well. Thanks guys! Now the product. I have had a few Harleys and more than a few windshields (embarrassed to say how many windshields at a few hundred dollars a pop), and none come close to the windshield purchased from Freedom. I have a condition called tinnitus (ringing in the ears), so wind buffeting is brutal on my hearing. Every Harley with every windshield I have ever had necessitated me wearing some type of ear plug or cotton due to the buffeting. I was so stoked when I received my new 13″ Freedom windshield for my newly acquired 2018 Road Glide Special, that right after I installed it, I jumped on and went for my test ride with the protective plastic still on. Damn it I forgot my ear protection! Guess what, I didn’t miss my ear protection at all. Going down the highway at 120 kmph (70 mph) I barely had any buffeting or wind! And hearing my stereo at that speed was also a new experience. Pulling back into my driveway my ears were not driving me crazy as they normally would have even with plugs!  And lastly the appearance and quality are fantastic. Heavy construction material, great fit, and looks GREAT! Thanks again John. 

Review By: Paul – British Columbia, Canada

The wind is not a problem anymore

I bought a 13” Sport windshield Dark tint for my 2019 Road Glide Special, and I have to say that I’m very impressed of its quality, you can feel it’s good material, you can see trough it at night really clear and I can now listen to music at 85 mph on the highway. The wind is not a problem anymore, still feel the breeze over my forehead which is great, without affecting the sound. Had a couple of doubts before but John really helped me a lot with them. Great customer service! I will recommend this wind shields 100%.

Review By: Juan – Miami, FL

It was by far the best investment

I just received and installed the new windshield, took it for a test drive and all I can say is wow!! This thing is amazing and makes riding enjoyable. It was by far the best investment because I am no longer getting rocked in the face with wind. My glasses don’t move all around when wearing a half shell and I can hear my speakers at interstate speeds. It was kind of windy here today and I had a nice breeze flowing over the top to keep me cool. I can even adjust my riding position to more upright and still don’t get hit with wind. Thank you so much! The 2 hour ride to Biketoberfest will now be enjoyable. You make an awesome product and I have been already and will continue to recommend your windshields! Thanks again

Review By: Justin – Brunswick, GA (15″ Dark Grey Sport Touring Style)

No wind buffeting at all

Put the windshield on and took a 360 mile ride. FANTASTIC! No wind buffeting at all, even when passing a semi at 90. Looks great too!

Review By: Gerry – Pheonix, AZ

The windshield fit perfect

The windshield fit perfect, as always, and the 12″ height you recommended is perfect, as always. I appreciate the quality and outstanding customer service, gladly promote your business and products everywhere I go…. Keep it Up!!

Review By: Dana – Iraan, TX

I am very pleased with the way it has changed the ride.

Hi, John! The new shield arrived today. I did a test run and have already removed the protective film. I am very glad I checked with you before ordering, because the 13″ is perfect! It looks amazing and I am very pleased with the way it has changed the ride. Thanks for the impressive quality, quick turnaround, and customer service!

Review By: Adam – Spring Hill, FL

I very highly recommend a Freedom Shield to anyone looking to upgrade from the stock model and any other aftermarket brand.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me in deciding the correct size of the windshield for my 2017 Road Glide.  You are the consummate business owner. You were right on in the size and screen tint color; it was worth the wait during the backorder process for the tint you recommended.  I very highly recommend a Freedom Shield to anyone looking to upgrade from the stock model and any other aftermarket brand.  The product that you produce is of quality and second to none.  I originally thought that the 16 inch was what I needed, and you talked me into the 15″ after taking my height into consideration.  The 15″ shield is even with the bottom of my nose and reflects the wind perfectly. Seeing over it is not a problem and yet the wind isn’t hitting me the face. The medium grey tint, also recommended by you, is just right for me and ability to see through it.  Anyone out there with any questions should call John and get them answered before you order. John also gives a discount to any veterans and active-duty personnel with proper proof of service. Thanks again

Review By: Mike – San Diego, CA

I am impressed with the quality and workmanship that was put into making this windshield.

I received the windshield this afternoon. Installed it and then took the bike for a short test ride. I think the size will be perfect for local rides with plenty of visibility over the top of the shield. After I get some miles on it, I might consider a 14” for long distance travel. I am impressed with the quality and workmanship that was put into making this windshield. Everything from the packaging, shrink film to windshield quality is top notch.

Review By: Jeff – Harrisonburg, VA

This shield totally eliminated the popping with the least buffeting I’ve ever experienced.

This shield is simply amazing. I’m completely satisfied and will be soon purchasing a dark smoked one from you as well. My trip was so much better than it would’ve been. As I told you before, I’ve bought several shields before yours trying to save some of my hearing from the popping air around my head. This shield totally eliminated the popping with the least buffeting I’ve ever experienced. You’re the best!

Review By: Bill – Naples, FL

This shield gets a 5 out of 5 stars.

This shield gets a 5 out of 5 stars. I purchased a 14 inch, dark grey tint, touring windshield for my 2015 Road Glide in April 2020. Although it was at the beginning of the Colorado virus shut down, John and his wife were still running their shop and fulfilling orders on their own. They delivered it sooner than anticipated and the quality is fantastic. As you see in other reviews the material is very thick and fits the bike perfectly. It is a snap to install. I chose the Dark Grey Tint. It looks great on the bike as you can see from the photo, and it completely eliminates buffeting, I experienced with the stock windshield at 65-70 mph. No more bobble head. You can see through the dark tint just fine, although when measured properly, you tend to look right past it anyway at the road in front of you. I have not had an issue with it at all. Thanks to Freedom Shield for making a great product that works perfectly.

Review By: Ted – Waukesha, WI

I’m extremely pleased with the quality of this windshield.

I just wanted to thank you guys for the outstanding service and product you have. I ordered a 14” Medium Smoke Touring windshield for my 2018 Road Glide Special. I’m 5’7” with a 30” inseam and I can see several inches above the windshield for a clear view of the highway and protection from the wind. I do have a CVO seat on this bike which raises me up a few inches more than the stock seat. Also, the wind buffeting has decreased significantly. That Harley stock windshield did not provide the protection from the wind I needed for me or my passenger. I have to say the reviews on your website helped me very much in determining whether to purchase your windshield. I’m a firm believer in a picture is worth 1,000 words. You can’t have too many pictures in my book. I was on the fence on whether to get the Dark Smoke or Medium Smoke and with the help from all the pictures on your review pages I was able to make the right decision. I’m extremely pleased with the quality of this windshield. Your measuring directions are spot on, so I didn’t have to return it for another size. I will definitely recommend your product to others. Thank you so much and it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Review By: David – Hope Mills, NC

This shield is just amazing.

What a difference your shield has made. It arrived Monday and my wife and I went on a ride last night with the film still on the shield.  By the time we got home I was ready to remove the protective film and make the shield mine!  I had another companies shield and with all of the hype they had about the product, I was extremely disappointed with the performance of the product.  I have a 2016 CVO Road Glide Ultra (FLTRUSE) and the wind noise with the other shield was terrible.  The shield looked good but functionally it was a waste of money.  After a long ride, my ears would ring for hours due to the wind. After doing some additional research, I found your site and after reading all of the great reviews I reached out to your company.  I talked to John, and he recommended the 14″ Med grey touring model.  This shield is just amazing.  It only took 5 minutes for me to realize that this was the absolute right shield for my bike.  Not only did it help with the wind, but my wife could also hear the stage 2 stereo.  The great thing is not only is it functional, it also looks beautiful and it is crystal clear when you look through it!  

Review By: Thomas – Brockport, NY

This one ain’t for the birds!

Through John’s great support I settled on the 15″ sport touring shield for my 2015 RG back in April 2019.   NEVER been happier .. the stock RG shield and a 12″ clear HD product always fell short of my touring needs.  Immediately after installing it, I knew that the Freedom shield would be different and way better!   With the shield’s style and height, I proceeded to put on about 6500 miles, mostly on interstates with occasional regional or short local trips.  I never turn on “the noise” so can’t comment on the radio but can sure say that the buffeting all around is way reduced, with overall ride comfort much improved. So about the birds .. in eastern NC we face all sorts of road devils from deer to dogs, but the turkey buzzards also command serious attention.  Not the smartest of God’s creatures for sure but they are invariably smart enough to lift and swoop off their roadkill in time for passing vehicles.  Last fall I took a post-oil change test ride before heading up to Cape Cod for the weekend.   At 55 mph I spotted a feeding buzzard approximately 300 yards ahead and cautiously watched its movements (or not) as I approached.  Typically dropping speed or veering is unnecessary as they have an innate sense of physics .. bad deal to get hit by a truck, car or mc.  But this dumb chunck of feathers and guts lifted (good), flew left 90 degrees (good), and cleared my path easily (also good).  And then it totally forgot about risk management (bad) .. as I got close to the roadkill, the buzzard banked hard left and straight into my Freedom shield.  In hindsight I suppose I could have taken another path that day, or not ridden, or some other silly crap .. and sometimes Murphy just gets a ride-along.  I’m experienced, always alert, and ready for changes in road conditions but this was kind of like an instantaneous breach of reality.  Bottom line .. I’m doing 55 mph, in a blink the 3-5 lb bird is doing whatever buzzard speed is straight at/into me, it hit the shield dead center, launched over my head and not so softly landed on the ground behind me.  NO damage to shield or fairing .. none whatsoever.  And I didn’t have to spit feathers.  So I’m guessing that bugs and minor chips or stones have met their match here.  Buy a Freedom shield, just enjoy it and know that it’s, first and foremost, great protection in addition to great looking and otherwise highly functional.

Review By: Ken – Belhaven, NC

I was immediately grinning from ear to ear as the riding experience was 1000% better.

I recently purchased my dream bike, a 2019 CVO Road Glide. Being a pretty tall guy at almost 6’3”, I knew I would need to upgrade the windshield to get the kind of wind protection I was accustomed to on my old bike. I was sent home from the dealer with a stock Harley windshield, and I was shocked at how little wind protection it provided.  I had a 2000-mile break-in trip coming up down in the US and REALLY needed to find a solution quick.  It doesn’t matter how nice a bike looks or how ‘premium’ it is, if you are getting wind burn on the freeway the riding experience is miserable. There began a relentless sequence of testing every Harley and Klockwerks windshield option made for my bike, and nothing came close to acceptable.  Getting desperate, I then began an exhaustive internet search looking at National Cycle, Kuryakyn, Memphis Shades, Long Ride Shields etc but knew I was on to something when I came across the Freedom Shields website.  I phoned them the next morning and explained my situation to John who made the whole process easy while helping to solve my time crunch by offering to ship the new 17” light grey tint touring windshield to the hotel we were staying at on our first night in the US. (Shipping across the border into Canada would have delayed the arrival of the windshield past my trip departure date) The windshield was waiting for me at the hotel as promised and was packed with extreme care to protect it during transit.  I tested the windshield the next morning with the protective film still in place and I was immediately grinning from ear to ear as the riding experience was 1000% better and I knew I would get to enjoy this trip.  That said, I felt that the windshield was just a ‘touch’ too high and so after the trip was over, I purchased the 16” version, quickly confirmed it was the perfect fit and shipped the original back with the protective film intact.   Freedom Shields promptly refunded me for the original and I gotta say, John’s customer service throughout the entire process was amazing.  I was also really impressed that when I completely removed the protective film and installed the new windshield, it looked beautiful too.  I can’t remember the last time I wrote a review for anything but given what Freedom Shields has done to transform my riding experience on the Road Glide, it was an absolute pleasure to take the time to do this. 

Review By: Martin – Ontario, Canada


John after we spoke on the phone and decided on a size and tint (12 inch med tint) based on my 5’8, 31 inseam. I couldn’t wait to receive my windshield. I can’t say enough, from the packaging, service and high quality of your product. The shield is very sturdy, distortion free, provides great wind protection, with a nice pocket of smooth air flow from the recurve. I hear my radio better without having to turn it up all the way. A couple days later at a benefit ride 2 riders asked about the shield, even one of salesmen inquired how they could get one. I will be recommending your product, it does exactly what it’s supposed to, all while looking good. Thanks again.

Review By: Brian – Belvidere, IL

This is easily the best upgrade I’ve ever put on a bike.

What can I say, but wow! This is easily the best upgrade I’ve ever put on a bike.  I’m 6’3, and I’ve been riding for over 20 years now, and in all of that time I’ve tried everything to reduce buffeting, and wind noise.  Something that seems harder to do the taller you are.  I’ve tried no shield, small shields, big shields, vented shields, lowers, you name it.  Every bike was different, and every time I bought a new bike, I’d start all over again, but nothing ever really gave me that perfect pocket of air I was looking for to really pile on the miles in comfort.  In 2017 I finally upgraded to a Road Glide Ultra assuming the fairing what was I had been missing to really enjoy a long ride, but it wasn’t until I added your windshield that I finally found that magic combination.  The air flow is perfect, and the clarity is fantastic.  Not to mention the customer service in getting it here so fast before my trip.  I can’t wait to go, so I wanted to send you something to say thank you.

Review By: Jason – Gilbertsville, PA

I felt like I was riding in a convertible.

I just tried out your shield and wow! Absolutely amazing! I felt like I was riding in a convertible. I really have to hand it to you guys for literally making the best shield on the market. Klockwerks has nothing on you guys. I believe in giving credit where credit is due and I’m going to make it my mission to promote your product and the fact you can try different shields and mail back the one that doesn’t suit. Once again thanks for such a great product! You have made my ride 10 times better!

Review By: Jeff – New Brunswick, Canada

Great service and workmanship!

I received the windshield and could not be happier.  Great service and workmanship!   2019 RGS.  Low Z handle bars.  15″ Light Tint ST.

Review By: Richard – West Hartford, CT

Happy wife=happy life!

I want to let you know my wife and I are very pleased with the 15” Touring Freedom Shield we recently purchased for our 2015 CVO Road Glide. I didn’t think the stock windshield was terrible from my seat, but my wife Christine finally admitted she was getting beat-up from the wind on the Road glide back seat, and that our previous Ultra Classic was more pleasant for her. We ran one of your windshields on the Ultra Classic and were very pleased with the quality, fit and finish, so that’s why we came back to Freedom Shields for the Road Glide. Wow, what a difference from both seats! I regret the 5 years of excessive wind I subjected Christine too! She says it’s as good as what we had with your windshield on the Ultra Classic Electra Glide. Also, the chrome Harley windshield trim fit the thicker Freedom Shield without modification. Happy wife=happy life!

Review By: Bill & Christine – Olathe, CO

Looks great and functions just as well!

Received my windshield, looks great and functions just as well! Freedom Shield for the Patriot RGS! Great combo and one of the very first upgrades!

Review By: Brian – Kuna, ID

It is everything I had wanted and hoped for.

I now have approx 800 kms (500 miles) on my Road Glide with the Freedom Shield installed. It is everything I had wanted and hoped for. Thank you for your input and recommendation, it worked out perfectly! Thank you, again, you will be highly recommended to anyone who asks about my shield.

Review By: Garry – Ontario, Canada

This shield works amazing.

I received the wind shield a few days ago.  I must say I was impressed with the quality of it right off the bat.  It felt thicker and much more rigid than the two Harley shields that I have.  It was also about an inch shorter than my larger shield but wider and curved differently.  As per the directions I installed it with the plastic wrapping still attached.  However, it took a few days before my wife, and I had the time to ride together and give it a test. After reading the reviews I ordered the 11″ shield because I am 5’7″ and my wife is about 5’6″.  I have a 2017 Road Glide, and everyone knows the small wind deflector it comes with looks nice but does not do a good job of blocking the wind or preventing the irritating wind buffeting.  Anyway, we took a ride last night and what a difference!  My wife did not experience the wind buffeting and the radio was clearly audible up over 85mph.  This shield works amazing.  We were both impressed and amazed at how well this shield performs.  I must also say that I was not only surprised at the difference it made, but after taking the plastic wrapping off, how great it looks on the bike.  You can clearly see the quality of it, its thickness, and its clarity.  I used to switch my shields from small summer deflector to the larger shield in the winter, but no more, this is staying on year-round. The shield sits exactly at my eye level, and it makes it easy for me to look over or look through.  Even with the recurve, I can see clearly right through it.  Personally, I could go an inch shorter, but because my wife likes it and isn’t complaining, I’m keeping it just the way it is! Kudos to you guys at Freedom Shields.  Great product.

Review By: Randy – Ronkonkoma, NY

We will finally be able to enjoy our road glide.

Great! Awesome! We are very happy! We received our windshield yesterday. We immediately made 2 tests, the first with protection. Great! The height is good. No more buffering and wind noise. We can hear our music… Yes! A very good manufacturing quality. We will finally be able to enjoy our road glide. Very good service…. Thank you very much!

Review By: Alain and Michèle – Québec, Canada

I will recommend to all who ask about windshields for their bikes!

Very nice windshield! I’m impressed with clarity! No distortion! No squirming around on the bike to look forward!! Did a cool weather 30-mile ride! And it was a nothing but a joy! Me & Kim want to thank Freedom Sheilds! I will recommend to all who ask about windshields for their bikes! Ride safe!

Review By: Dave – Nahant, MA

I would highly recommend this shield for anyone looking for quality, functionality and looks! 

I spent a significant amount of time looking for a new shield. I initially had the 14” Klock Werks Sport Shield on my 2019 Road Glide. It looked great but provided no wind protection for my height.  After making a few phone calls to Freedom Shields I decided to try the 15” Sport Touring Shield.  It arrived as expected, and the installation was straight forward. The windshield fit perfectly, and the quality is excellent. I’m running 16” bars on my bike, and the windshield complements them perfectly, and the cut and design of the shield allows for the bars to move freely. I would highly recommend this shield for anyone looking for quality, functionality and looks! 

Review By: Jack – Layton, UT

Best shield ever!

Received my windshield and it is awesome! The head buffeting is gone for me and my passenger!! The quality of the shield is much better than the others I have tried. Best shield ever! Thank you so much for your help in selecting the right one. My ride is now complete!

Review By: William – Auburn, AL

The quality of the shield is also very impressive…

This review provided regarding my recent Freedom Shield purchase of a 15” Touring (medium tint) shield for my 2015 Road Glide Special: This simple upgrade has profoundly changed the way I feel about my bike and significantly improved ridability over long distance (average for me being around 500). To quote my initial reaction during the first test ride, “Hoeleesheeot”! Prior to this purchase, I had tested the 15” Klock Werks Pro Touring, 15” Harley Windsplitter, and 14” WindVest; none could hold a candle to the Freedom Shield. The bike; 2015 Road Glide Special, custom Corbin seat (1”lower and 1” further back), old shield was a 11.5” Klock Werks Sport Flare. The rider (me); 6ft tall, 32” inseam, 250lbs (fat adds inches in vertical butt-height). Wind management has always made long distance riding a full face helmet affair, even though I much prefer my half helmet and riding in SOCAL allows for it most of the year. Fairings with properly fitted windshields are great, but without, they simply focus and amplify wind in all the worst ways; this was the case with my old windshield. Every bug and bit of road debris was forcibly vectored to my nose and eyes. The wind noise not only prevented listening to my stereo at speeds above 40MPH, but was likely causing hearing damage. Bottom line, I had to wear a full face helmet during long rides and wipe the bugs off at every stop, not to mention the neck stretching. My new Freedom Shield changed all of that! I can now wear a half helmet with comfort, hear my stereo with clarity at 80MPH, and hear the environment around me without being blown-away by it. The wind I do feel is enjoyable and reminiscent of why I’m out on a bike to begin with. The quality of the shield is also very impressive; it is thick, well-constructed, nicely polished, and the medium tint not only looks great on my bike, but provides an excellent balance between road clarity and glare reduction. This purchase was made in preparation for a summer ride from San Diego to the Arctic Circle in Alaska and back in three weeks (many days over 500 miles in the saddle) and I believe this to be the best money spent in preparation of this epic ride. In fact, I cannot remember the last time I was this impressed by a product of any kind and so pleased with the investment. Lastly a word on customer service; superlative (good word right?). Every comment made in these reviews regarding customer service is spot-on. I did not want to go through the hassle of trying one shield after another to get the right fit, so I sent an email to Freedom Shields describing my needs and received a call from John in short order to help dial me in. We talked for a short bit, I described my needs and body/bike geometry involved, and he recommended the shield I am now reviewing; perfect fit in one try! They also have a great return policy; test it, don’t take the plastic off, and return it for refund or exchange if need be. I never write reviews like this, but the quality of the product and the company deserves a thorough review and personal thank you from me for making my riding experience so much better. THANKS!
Review By: Rod – San Diego, CA

It’s absolutely perfect for me!

I sure appreciate you exchanging the 13 inch Dark Grey for the 12 inch Medium Gray. It’s absolutely perfect for me, I’m 5’9″ with a 32″ in-seam.
Review By: Johnny – Chico, CA

All the comments about you and the Freedom Shields are 100% spot on.

I installed it and gave it a quick test. All I can say is you were correct the 12” is perfect. I have not removed the protective plastic yet as I want to give it a longer test ride but I do think I am going to keep it. I ran it at 80 on the highway and felt no direct wind in my face and seems to be going right over the top of my helmet. I closed all vents and it was just as good as with them all open. I could also hear the radio at 80 without having to go full volume and it remained clear with little sound distortion. One more longer test ride and I think I will be removing the plastic. I cannot wait to see what it actually looks like without the plastic. I can also see over it by about 3” or maybe a bit more. Thank you again. You are the real deal and all the comments about you and the Freedom Shields are 100% spot on. My wifes cousin has the same bike as me and has not made a purchase yet. I think you will be getting a referral purchase.
Review By: Paul – Marlborough, MA

my mustache was happier…

I just purchased a windscreen for my 2017 Road Glide from Freedom Shields. I sent John an e-mail with my height and inseam and asked for some assistance on a recommendation for the correct height of a windscreen. John replied within 48 hours with some very useful information and he sent his recommendation for a 15 inch windscreen. I ordered a 15 inch medium tent windshield. The day I received it, I put it on my bike and OMG what a difference it makes. I was getting my face beat to death with the factory windshield. After installing the windscreen, I went on a 120 mile ride and I couldn’t believe how much difference the new wind screen made. No more buffeting around my head, my mustache was happier, and I didn’t look like a walrus when I got off my bike. I would like to thank John for his help and direction on what height wind screen to purchase. I am extremely happy with the quality of the product and the workmanship and fit that come with the windscreen. If you don’t own one, you should because you won’t be disappointed.
Review By: Brian – Riverside, CA

I get great wind protection…

ohn the shield is awesome. The top is level with the middle of my mouth so I may have been able to squeak out that extra inch. But this is doing everything that I was looking for. I get great wind protection and I can’t even get into the wind stream by stretching up in the seat so I am well covered. Thanks for all the help!
Review By: Brian – Freeland, PA

You set me up with the perfect shield. LOVE IT.

Your product is by far the BEST shield out there!! Your customer service is TOP NOTCH!! I just wanted to say that I am so glad that you produce such a quality product. I had a stock shield on my bike and at 5’7″ I was looking right at the top of it. I always slouch a little so if I sit straight up I could look over the shield, if I slouched a little lower than I was looking through the shield. That just doesn’t work for me. After a quick phone call to you to discuss the details and you set me up with the perfect shield. LOVE IT. Now the group of guys that I ride with all want one. I’m sure your phone will be busy here soon. Thanks again.
Review By: Dwight – Virginia Beach, VA

I’m pretty picky about my bike add-ones and don’t really like spending money…

I immediately knew the OEM windshield needed to be replaced on Dusty, my new-to-me 2015 CVO Road Glide Ultra. I needed more height and better deflection to reduce buffering and wind noise. I searched multiple online sources for alternatives – really liking the looks of a sport touring shield, but respecting the functional of the touring shields. I tried a 12″ Klock Werks Sport Flare and knew within two miles of the test ride that it wasn’t going to work. Back it went as quickly as it came. I read multiple positive reviews of Freedom Shields on the CVO Forum site, each rich with the rider’s functional specifications (e.g., height, inseam, wants, needs, expectations) and feedback on those evaluation characteristics. I was most impressed with Freedom Shields’ broad range of shield sizes and impeccable customer service history, so I narrowed the search to Freedom Shields. I’m 5′ 11″ with a 30″ inseam. I run a Russell Day-Long seat which puts me about 1″ higher than the stock seat. Using the measurement specifications provided on the Freedom Shields website and the redneck fitting tool of “taping a piece of cardboard to the OEM shield”, I determined that I could handle up to a 17″ shield and that a Touring model would provide the most deflection. But in looking at the pics online, that just seemed too big for Dusty…she’s sexier than that. Now I’m pretty picky about my bike add-ones and don’t really like spending money without seeing an item on or next to my bike. After several communications with John, I too was convinced this was a company looking out for my best interests. John gets that it’s difficult to visualize how a shield will look on your bike. He sent additional pics of the larger shields and encouraged me to try a few, offering to pack multiple shields in the same box to reduce shipping costs. No pressure, just well intended, seasoned guidance. Like not wanting to admit you need to move to the next larger pant size, I just couldn’t bring myself to go with the recommended 17″ shield. I decided to test two shields – a 16″ Sport Touring in Dark Grey Tint and a 16″ Touring in Light Grey Tint. Both provided excellent height coverage. The shields rise to just above my mouth, providing excellent visibility over the shield, though the clarity is so good I wouldn’t hesitate to look through the shields in a rainstorm. The airflow barely hits the top of my helmet, which I wanted in order to provide good circulation in my helmet vent system. The Touring shield provided an extra 3″-4″ more air deflection on each side, but the Sport Touring provided very good coverage for both rider and passenger. With the functional needs met it was down to looks, which the Sport Touring version won hands-down. Dusty is now even more seductive, my head no longer bobbles around, and my wife is comfy on the pillion. Win/Win/Win!
Review By: Tim – Tyler, TX

Cuts the wind, you can hear the stereo, the tint is perfect…

John, this windshield is outstanding. The quality isn’t matched by anyone. I installed it in January and rode the coldest part of the winter here in Va. Cuts the wind, you can hear the stereo, the tint is perfect, much thicker then the cheap stock shield. Absolutely love it…Thank You
Review By: Steve – North Chesterfield, VA

I didn’t clean bugs off my helmet one time after 5100 plus Miles with your shield!

Thanks again for letting me stop by your place and helping fit the perfect windshield for my bike. At 5’5″ with 29″ inseam, the 10″ med tint turned out to be the perfect choice for my 2016 FLTRX on my Ohio to California trip. I’m giving you a “Great Big ATTA Boy” for the looks, quality, and customer service. The wind shield does a super great job, can’t be more pleased. With my stock shield, on the way to your place I had to clean bug splatter off about 3″ of the front of my helmet both nights. My radio volume had to be turned up almost all the way to point of distortion to be able to hear. After I left your place I rode across Co., down to Arches NTL. Park, across Loneliest Hwy in NV., thru Death Valley, and across Ca. mountains to my daughters house. When I left there I rode the High Deserts of California, both Saguaro NTL. Parks, angled up thru NM, across TX., up to Ok.. and Ar., to Memphis, then got on the Big Roads up thru Mo, Il, In, and home to Ohio. I could hear the radio @ little more than half volume. I didn’t clean bugs off my helmet one time after 5100 plus Miles with your shield. I knew it would make a difference, but I didn’t expect this much. Unbelievable- but true! I was so Happy- I sometimes had to sit on my hands to keep from waving to everyone as I rode! I’ve already told other riders how your windshield far surpasses the quality and value of the stock windshields. Cant say enough, except Thanks Again*
Review By: Don – Jeromesville, Ohio

The curve of the shield exactly compliments the lines of the fairing.

Got the windshield. It looks great! I was worried the taller shield would take away from the look of the bike. It’s just the opposite! The curve of the shield exactly compliments the lines of the fairing. I can see about 4 inches over the shield and the wind goes clear over my helmet. I am very satisfied and would recommend this shield to anyone who wants the look of a shorty but the comfort of a taller shield. (12 inch shield on a 2015 RG. I’m 6’1″). Thanx John!
Review By: Luke – Henderson, NV

SUPER HAPPY with the looks and feel of this windshield.

I put it to its test on a 400 mile ride yesterday with the wind averaging around 25mph. A nice breeze was always on my face with no movement of my sunglasses or helmet. SUPER HAPPY with the looks and feel of this windshield. THANK YOU!
Review By: Christine – Grapevine, TX

It also looks great with the Harley windshield trim I installed.

This is really a great shield…practically no buffeting…I’m glad you recommended the 11” for my height and inseam (5’7”/29”). .it’s just right. It also looks great with the Harley windshield trim I installed. I get lots of compliments. Thanks again for a great product.
Review By: Ron – Royal Oak, MI

This is my 3rd Freedom Shield!

Just received my 11″ shield rode 40 miles and love it. This is my 3rd Freedom Shield I had two different sizes on my FLHTK, when I wanted one for my 2015 RG there was no question where it was going to come from thanks.
Review By: Jim – Rolling Meadows, IL

The first thing I noticed was how much thicker and stiffer it was than the stock shield.

Just wanted to take a minute and drop you guys a quick note. I ordered an 11″ in Dark Gray for my new 2015 FLTRX. Windshield arrived this afternoon nicely packaged with a pleasant note with the invoice. Immediately went out and installed it to replace the lacking stock windshield. The first thing I noticed was how much thicker and stiffer it was than the stock shield. The fit and finish on the new shield was excellent with very minimal distortion perceived by the rider. As for the improvement, it is at least 100% better than the stock shield. The wind around the side of my head and ears is reduced dramatically and now pushes over the top of my head. I can actually close the lower vents without my head getting pushed around severely. Truly an awesome product and great service! I’ll be recommending you guys to other Road Gliders in the future. Thanks for producing such a great product that is reasonably priced and made in the USA!
Review By: Russ – Benton City, WA

… it was expertly packaged and protectively wrapped.

After a lot of research, I decided on a Freedom Shield medium smoke tint windshield in a 13″ height for my ’15 RGU. Right up front let me tell you that I have no affiliation with Freedom Shields and I’m not getting anything in return for this review. I had emailed John at and had several detailed conversations about his shields. Those of you who have spoken to John knows he practices some of the best customer service in the entire business of motorcycle accessories. He is quick to respond, either by email or phone, he is friendly and polite, he doesn’t cuss on the phone (which is nice nowadays), and he knows his product line! Anyway, soon enough my 13″ shield came in and the packing was excellent. I put it on the RGU (without removing the very nice protective coating on the shield), and took it for a long spin with the wife on board. I’m 6′ even with a 33″ inseam. Patty is 5’6″. We soon found out that at 55mph and beyond, the 13″ didn’t offer enough of a wind “envelope” for us, so sadly I had to write John and tell him I wanted to return the 13″ in favor of a 15″, and here’s how I arrived at that decision: Freedom Shields 13″ shield is 3/4″ less high than the OEM shield (when measured from the driver’s side of the shield) from the top of the vent to the top of the shield. That is to say, the OEM shield is 6″ above the vent, whereas John’s was 5-1/4″. I thought that would be ok, but it wasn’t – it was just too low for us. Then, John’s 14″ shield is the same height as the OEM shield and his 15″ is 3/4″ higher than the stock shield. I just wasn’t sure that the stock height would provide enough wind protection after seeing that the 13″ was way to little wind protection (again, for us), so after talking to John on the phone, I ordered the 15″. But before I called him I cut a piece of paper and taped it to the front of the stock shield so it stuck up 3/4″ higher to simulate the height of a 15″ Freedom Shield. Then I took it for a ride to see if the height would bother me. It didn’t and I still could look over it easily, so I knew I was set. John was great about the swap out and I received my new shield from him today. Again, it was expertly packaged and protectively wrapped. I put it on the bike and took her for a spin, again without removing the protective shield film. It’s just a tad high, but it’s not in my line of sight unless I’m going downhill or over the crest of a hill. On level ground or going downhill, I have plenty of “look-over” visibility, and the medium tint will be great for looks but not so dark as to make night driving scary. And the wind “envelope” and overall protection is right were I wanted it to be! The fit and finish of the Freedom Shield is top notch, first rate. The edges are extremely well cut and polished to a mirror finish. The shield is beautiful to look and and look thru when you need to.
Review By: Harry – Yellville, AR

It is a big improvement over the 12.5″ windsplitter it replaced.

Hi John, my name is Kenny and some friends and I met with you on Saturday at your facility to pick the 13″ shield for my 2015 Road Glide I had ordered earlier in the week. It was great to meet you in person and I appreciated you taking the time to show us around. I have put about 600 miles on the shield and am very happy with it. It is a big improvement over the 12.5″ windsplitter it replaced. Thank you for the great product and service. Here is a pic of the shield installed at your facility.
Review By: Kenny – Junction City , KS

Zero buffeting and no rider fatigue from the wind.

Hi John, it’s been a few months since we chatted… but I just want to let you know how much I love the 15″ Freedom Shield in medium you sold me for my 2015 CVO Road Glide Ultra. I didn’t want to really comment as to the functionality until I had a chance to really give it a workout, well this last weekend we went on a 4 day 1,600 mile ride through Southern Utah and Northern Arizona in every riding condition imaginable (except wet conditions). Absolutely perfect in every way, no adverse effects at all and the sizing is just right. I’m 6′ 2″ and even at high speeds I get just a gentle breeze at eye level which is exactly what I wanted. Enough to enjoy the smells of the outdoors and feel that you are riding a motorcycle, but zero buffeting and no rider fatigue from the wind and the bugs either die happy on the shield or flip up over my head in the slipstream. And let’s not forget it is a really great looking shield and follows the lines in the spirit of the HD styling. I’m thrilled with my purchase and the fast service and when it’s time to buy another you have my business. Great job, fantastic product.
Review By: Lance – Victorville, CA

It is a quality piece, fit perfectly, looks nice on the bike…

I wanted to thank you for the new shield. I also want to thank you for taking care of my order and shipping to me so quickly. I had a last minute opportunity to ride my new Road Glide for a business trip of 800 miles. I had bought Harley’s 15” Windsplitter the day I got the new Glide. But unfortunately Rushmore vents and all, it seemed to channel the air up past my ears and the noise was deafening. It worked great up to 40 mph but the noise was bad past that speed. It also has enough contours that the distortion they created was pretty bad. Complete waste of money. So I knew that I would never be able to make the ride without a much better shield. Since the trip came up on such short notice it was great of you to help me get the shield in just a few days. Thanks again for your service. The new shield made the trip much more enjoyable. I had been looking around for a replacement and had read about your windshields on several forums. For reference, I am 6’ 0” with a 32” inseam and running the stock seat, I bought your 15” with the medium tint based on our discussion. I see well over it and it would have worked for me even if it was an inch taller. It is a quality piece, fit perfectly, looks nice on the bike, has a nice polished edge and is visually near perfect. Very little distortion, I can even see through the lip on top without any distortion. The medium tint is nice and works for me in all types of riding. The shield cut the wind noise tremendously. The shield helps the BSR a lot also. It creates a nice pocket for the passenger. I still get a lot of air from around the tank but plan to add fairing lowers in the future since I tend to run a bit longer distances. Once I do, I expect this shield to complement the set up perfectly, minimizing air and noise. Again thank you for the quality product and great service.
Review By: Brian – Iowa City, IA

All I can say is DAMN!!!

John, All I can say is DAMN!!!. This thing is awesome. I received the 14″ Med Smoke Touring today and proceeded to put it on right away. I ride 153 miles a day and was getting beat by the stock worthless shield. Put it on and took it for a short ride at all speeds (up to 90 MPH) could hear the radio (First time at highway speeds) and no head buffeting. I was really impressed with the re-curve and NO distortion. I’m a short stocky fella 5’7″ and your instructions on fitment was right on. I will be recommending you to all my Road Glide Buddies for sure. Thanks
Review By: Chris – Allen, TX

This shield is hands down the I have had the pleasure of sitting behind.

John I have been back home for about 10 days now and have had a chance to go for a couple of rides now with the new shield on the bike. This 16 “touring shield is hands down the best shield I have had the pleasure of sitting behind. It comes up to somewhere around my mouth or just beneath my nose. Either way I see over it without even trying. I would have to hunch over to have to look through it. Like I had said I have a very long back for someone that is 6’. Comfort on the road is an understatement. I just love it! The main air blast clears the top of my helmet by 2 or 3 inches. My wife liked it on the back of the bike as well. With the total lack of any buffeting it will extend the time I can spend on the bike due to my neck problems and prior operations on the disks in my neck.
Review By: Doug – Alberta Canada

Very impressed. Thank you.

Received a 16” medium tint on Friday; installed and went for a quick test ride. Immediately knew I liked it. On a chilly and cloudy Saturday my wife and I went on a ride and I was so much more comfortable. The wind was much less on my head and despite the weather, it was a very comfortable ride. On a better Sunday, with half helmets, we were able to enjoy the radio while tooling around on two lane roads. Very impressed. Thank you.
Review By: Chris – Columbia, MO

I have cleaned the shield of bugs several times now and am confident it will last for many, many years.

I heard about “Freedom” Shields on the forum. They are one of the few companies that actually make a true Touring windshield for the 2016 FLTRU. From my first contact with the company on, I knew that Customer Service was high on their priority list. As I live in Canada… returning an item was going to be an issue if needed but I was confident enough to place the order. I ordered the 15″ Touring Air-Curve Light Tint shield. It arrived in the mail perfectly preserved and pristine. The installation was a breeze and the fit was excellent. I did (as others had done) test ride the shield before removing the protective layers. The stock 14″ shield on the bike was problematic. I am 5’11” with a 32″ inseam. I looked over the stock shield by a good 2-3″ and the wind struck just above the helmet visor. My wife on the other hand is 5’6″ and was getting blasted right in the face. She commented it was like being a “Bobble Head” due to the wind. The 15″ Freedom shield raised the air flow a good 3″ from stock. It reduced side buffeting and quietened the cockpit noise significantly. My wife no longer got wind blast and indicated that the wind just now grazed the top of her visor. All in all… very happy. I was worried about the maintenance of the shield but after emailing John, I was confident that what I was using would not damage the shield. I have cleaned the shield of bugs several times now and am confident it will last for many, many years. The Freedom Shield is by far Heads and Shoulders above the quality of the stock shield and I would recommend their shields to anyone looking for a superior product. My wife and I could not be happier. . . . . Well done 🙂
Review By: Steve – Ontario, Canada

The Air Curve design is all that it is advertised to be.

I received the windshield yesterday, placed it on and took the bike for a spin. For me the height of the windshield is level with my chin, maybe a bit lower than is optimal but the wind is deflected up to just barely hit my head. Since getting this bike I had been unable to wear my half helmet and goggles because of the wind buffeting being so bad the goggles would move around making it impossible to see anything once I got over 45 mph, with this windshield I have no problems at all with that. I was able to hear the radio for the first time over 35 mph. When I took the windshield back off to remove the protective cover is when I first held both the Freedom Shields and the stock windshields at the same time. I am really surprised at how flimsy the stock is compared to the Freedom Shields windshield. Installation was easy, it fits perfectly. I do notice a very slight distortion at the curve, but it is only noticeable when driving and you have to be watching the same crack in the road as you approach it while it passes through the windshield line of sight. When I bought the bike I looked into the windshields that HD makes, and the 15 inch Windsplitter was available at the dealership for a demo ride. With that windshield the wind came straight over the top of the windshield and hit me square in the face, still had the problem where all I could hear was the roar of the wind. With the Freedom Shields 15 inch windshield the wind goes just over my head, and I can hear what is going on around me or the radio if I choose. It is great to be able to hear something besides the wind when riding. I almost got the 16 inch, and until this windshield arrived I was second guessing myself if I had made a mistake in ordering the wrong size. While it looks like I would still be able to see over a 16 inch option the Air Curve design makes all the difference in the world, the 15 is working perfectly for me. Overall this is a well made windshield of higher quality than the more expensive options I have looked into at other places, it looks great, and the Air Curve design is all that it is advertised to be.
Review By: Michael – Harlem, GA

I shopped around but nothing compares to this!

Is there enough space? I ordered the 2015-16 Road Glide Touring windshield for my 2016 RG Ultra, Excellent quality, but I wanted something a little more sporty. So I asked John if he had a sportier one. He said “No”. I suggested that he might be missing out on a market, he said he had thought of that. I said please let me know when you have one available. He immediately said, “Give me about a week and I’ll see what I can come up with” No problem there. True to his word, I got an email in about a week, with a photo of the new Sport model, and all I could say was ship it to me. It arrived, I put it on the bike, leaving the plastic wrap on it so I could send it back if I needed. I went out for a test ride, found a secluded spot, and ran up to 95 mph, radio at about 75% and hearing it loud and clear, and I was enveloped in a ”bubble’ area with no wind, or noise. Well of course the wife wanted a test ride too on the back, she loved it, and the plastic wrap came off. Now what other company would make a windshield at your suggestion? Great relationship with Freedom Shields and John Lauk. No, I didn’t get the shield for free. Yes, I shopped around but nothing compares to this. I would highly recommend at least trying the shield. You can’t go wrong with the sales, and customer service at Freedom Shields
Review By: Dan – Bartlett, TN

The medium tint and shape look great without any optical issues, especially at night.

Hi John, I’ve been able to put about a thousand miles on my ’15 CVO Road Glide 14″ Medium tint windshield so I can now give a review. Fit and finish, tint, optics and aerodynamics are all excellent and for me (5′ 11″, 34″ inseam jeans), perfect! I was very happy with the stock 14″ windshield but got a couple of serious rock chips on the road. With the slight recurve of the Freedom Shield, the same size gives 2-3″ more and very smooth wind protection. The medium tint and shape look great without any optical issues, especially at night. Thanks for a wonderful product!
Review By: Greg – Santa Monica, CA


John, Got my shield the other day and installed it tonight. Let’s just say that I’m totally thrilled and amazed by it. This is my 3rd HD and the previous two I had recurves on them also. An ’02 Batwing and an ’11 CVORGU. I was very hesitant at first to go with a 14″ on my ’15 CVORGU because the stock shield measured the same. The recurve on yours works as I expected and I’m glad I didn’t go with the 13″ like I originally planned. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO DISTORTION in your product!! I tried every which way to find it and I couldn’t. I could have got with a 15″ and had no problem with that but personal preference, the taller the shield, the more it takes away from the bike and looks like a billboard (insert Madstad visual here and you understand). I also like the light grey. Just enough tint to give it a nice look without making the shield look huge like a dark tint does. The lines flow great with the bike also. Thanks again and trust me when I will be pushing your product on every bike forum I’m on.
Review By: Mike – Canton, OH

I really like how your product protects me, at 100mph I can still hear the radio lmfao!

John! Holy crap! I wasn’t even going 10 mph and knew this was the windshield I need! Not only does it keep me from getting wind beat, I can hear the radio! Already have 800 miles with it, and going for a lot more! Here are some pics, doesnt she look awesome! At the Harley Museum Bike night yesterday a few people took pics of her, and 2 asked about the Freedom Shield! I gave them contact info, hope you hear from them soon! I really like how your product protects me, at 100mph I can still hear the radio lmfao!
Review By: Gene – Milwaukee, WI

…the windshield was THE best addition to our bike.

Hello John, I just wanted to say thank you again for the great windshield. My wife and I just got back from a 10 day trip and we must say the windshield was THE best addition to our bike. I couldn’t have asked for a better one! Here are some pictures of my 13″ shield on my Road Glide as promised.
Review By: Gatlin – Crestview, FL

I don’t think I’ll buy a shield anywhere else from here on out!

Bought my shield for my 2015 Road Glide about a month before this was taken. Read a review from another customer about his and ordered the same height shield for mine as we are similar in riding stature.Tested around town for about a week before I removed the plastic. Rode to North Carolina and back, with an air cushion that lifted me up about another inch and even at that rise the windshield kept the brunt of bugs off of my face and onto my helmets. I don’t think I’ll buy a shield anywhere else from here on out! Great to talk to on the phone and great customer service.
Review By: John – Northglenn, CO

What a difference!!!

John, I received the 13″ light gray tint shield for our 2015 Road Glide CVO last week. Finally on Friday evening I had a chance to install it and the rain had stopped and roads dried off so we took it for a short test run with the plastic wrap still in place. What a difference!!! I still see over the shield but the wind and noise is greatly reduced and wife is happy. So, I unwrapped it and it is installed permanently. Still haven’t had a chance to test it out on a longer ride but I’m sure it will be great. I’m very impressed with the overall quality and the superbly finished edges.
Review By: Paul – Quincy, IL

Couldn’t be happier.

Hi John Got the shield on Tuesday as promised. It installed like a dream and looks great. The trip to Leesburg Bikefest was a great success with the new shield. Its Florida’s Spring Love Bug Season so the shield most definitely took some punishment with smashed Love Bugs all over it. Better it than my face! A little water and a microfiber towel and good as new. The shield performed just as advertised allowing more air flow over the helmet and quieter air for the rider. It was refreshing to be able to hear the radio without running full volume and being able to hear my passenger better. For those reading the other comments and not paying attention to your recommended sizing ideas, I strongly recommend folks use the sizing tricks you listed with the cardboard. I’m 5’9″ and in reading some of the posts, some could think I should have gone with shorter than a 14 inch shield. However, I have a long torso so I made sure to follow the cardboard trick. 14 inch is dead on for me leaving plenty of unobstructed view over the shield. At night, I raise my smoked visor up on the helmet and just ride with my prescription glasses. Prior to this shield, they would bounce all over the place at speed. With the shield, they were perfectly still. Couldn’t be happier. Chances are you’ll see some more orders as one of my riding buddies with the same year RG loved the look. So did others at the fest.
Review By: Jeff – Lithia, FL

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 24 × 12 in